We simply believe that branding should not only give your business an identity but serve the purpose of developing a connection with your customers. Hence, branding for us is beyond aesthetics.
And we have a simple process - we begin with a logo and a brand board. Brand Boards are essentially a blueprint or a guide to your brand's visual identity. It is extremely important for your target audience to instantly recognise your product/service. And brand boards help us do just that.
A brand board is useless if the client does not know how to use it. Each element in the brand board is there for a reason. For example the logo, it's variations and sub-marks are to be used at different times. So let's just say, we help clients simplify the process of re-iteration and successfully build a cohesive visual identity for their brand.
Your client's experience is not just by your product or service but also by it's packaging and that small handwritten note that thanks them for their purchase. Brands that strive for that kind of human connection are the ones that get recommended most often. Our effort is to create that client experience by thoughtful stationery & packaging designs.
To incorporate your vision of the brand, it is also essential to understand the brand. Hence, we lay immense stress on branding & design consultation calls - where clients explain their brand style, perspective, target audience, competitors, brand USP and more. This helps us create designs that leave a lasting impression on their customers.
We design everything from logos, letterheads, notecards, tags, stamps, stickers, carry bags, boxes, wrapping sheets, social media icons and so much more. Leave a message HERE to begin giving your brand it's own identity.
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