What keeps us going? These love filled notes we receive from clients -
Once my sister's wedding got fixed, the first thing I did was save all the wedding posts from insta, and save all pretty pins from Pinterest which I would wanna use. I had saved and pinned the Regal Suite pin on my board...Our options for invitations were only Bangalore & Hyderabad as my dad wasn’t sure of ordering the invitations without meeting. We even consulted 2 of the designers in Bangalore but they couldn’t impress us. When we started searching again, I was like why not just call CreateAFlutter, and even on our first Skype call we weren’t confirmed about giving you the order as convincing our dad was a task. But somehow we gave the order, and our friend yash dropped by and it all went on well. I can’t tell you how happy it is to get something what you decided in the beginning itself, after going round and round but back to what you loved :) Thank you Suneet & Akshita for helping me and kavya out and bearing our fickle minded thoughts. Thanks for letting us increase the quantity twice. A very good service by you’ll. And also special thanks for finishing the order in such a less time. And thanks for not following all the protocols. All our guests loved the invitation box :) Some people were waiting to get their hands on the box after hearing from the ones received already. I think that tells you how much everybody loved it!  
- SHRAVYA (Happy Client) 
You did such a fabulous job with our invitations ... a dream come true!! Everyone lovedddd the card. Our customised wax seal was suchhh a brilliant idea with the rose gold wax. ‘Waoooo’ and unique is what everyone had to say 😍😍Exactly what I wanted. From the initiation to the delivery of the cards, u had such a hassle free relaxed time! Thank you soooo soooo much 💕 Would recommend everyone. Original new unique and mesmerising concepts only with createaflutter!! Biggg hug
P.S. The gold glitter just added to the X factor
My experience working with CreateAflutter and Suneet can hardly be expressed in words. Suneet and her team are by far the most professional, customer focussed and top notch team I have worked with. As a bride, the planning gets overwhelming but working with Suneet was the easiest part of the whole process. I was beyond impressed with their attention to detail, amazing creativity and drive to deliver quality, something that is a rare to find together. Every collateral was designed to perfection and the outcome was even better than expected! She carefully crafted each item to follow a uniform theme and expressed her creativity in ways that were unimaginable and also ensured she took my requirements into consideration down to the smallest detail possible. She is an extremely pleasant person to work with and makes the whole process extremely enjoyable as it should be! Each piece of stationery got an outstanding reaction from my entire family – She made our entire vision come to life! I could not be more thankful to my planner for recommending Suneet’s team to me, I will be looking through these collaterals and treasuring them for years to come! Kudos to the entire create a flutter team and all the luck for the bright future ahead of you 
 - Kavya Aggarwal
For my wedding card I wanted something very English. I wanted it to be minimal, elegant and at the same time very ‘me’. 
After hours and hours of searching online I shortlisted three potential vendors. When I spoke to Suneet from Create a Flutter, I knew she had to be the one. So despite her being in Chandigarh and me in Delhi.. I’m so so glad I went with her. My favourite part about the card is the blush pink wax seal at the back with our wedding insignia ‘gama’. 
Suneet takes the client on a delightful journey of discovering exactly what it is that they want, down to the very T. And she gives you ample options to choose from. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the end result. 
Having loved the cards, I went on to get a lot of my wedding decor and stationery designed by her as well. 
She is truly a Godsend for every bride!
So even before I was formally engaged, I was drooling over Create-A-Flutter invitations. I came across them by chance... and absolutely loved their work (they had done everything from vibrant and flowery invitations to more subtilely elegant cards). Then, I had the good fortune of winning a free digital design consultation by them on instagram! There was absolutely no pressure to purchased printed cards from them but from the moment we began working together, I knew they would be the ones to design my invitations. Suneet is kind, patient, and very intuitive. It felt like she knew me and my fiance better than we knew ourselves. She picked up on our likes and dislikes with just a few pins on our mood board. And the final product by their team was exceptional. It fit both my family's and my fiance's family's vision perfectly! My mother-in-law was pretty certain that she would just have cards made for their events separately but the suite Suneet and her team designed immediately won her over. There also very accommodating to budgets so if there's even a doubt in your mind about contacting them, let me allay your fears. Your invitation is the first impression of your wedding to your friends and family. Make it count! 
I discovered CreateAflutter ... and its been a delightful journey! From the time I first spoke to Suneet until I saw the wedding invite in my hand. What a wonderful experience.
They took my imagination of an invite, along with their creativity, to another level. Always available a phone call or message away and being open to feedback makes me love them even more. 
So if you're looking for something unique and quirky, it can't get better than this. They will exceed your expectations and you'll be in for a total surprise. 
Thank you Suneet for being sweet and patient and creating a wonderful memory for us to cherish always.
I can’t thank your team enough for making my wedding special.
The wedding invite is the first impression that the guests get of a wedding to be and I wanted it to match my entire wedding theme. It was no easy task but from the inception Suneet was their as a friend to guide me through the process and lend a patient ear to all my demands and quirks. And the final product that came out of the tedious process, was perfection. She gave me my first gift by bringing my thoughts and imagination to life. The team is not just talented and hardworking but are also sensitised towards client’s requirements. I wanted my invitation to show a glimpse of tradition with a modern outlook. I received compliments from both my friends and family. 
Suneet, delivers on your dreams. Choosing CreateAFlutter was the best decision I made, Well next to marrying my husband.
I would recommend them to every couple to be, who wish to reflect who they are in their invites. 
After all invitations are the first impression, and you got to make it right.
As a bride-to-be, I was all frayed nerves. And then the box containing my wedding invites arrived; I took one look at the cards and felt everything was gonna be alright. They are beautiful. Compliments have been flying in thick and fast about my wedding cards. Everyone loved them. But this post isn't just about how great you guys are at work, this is also about the warmth and affectionate girls behind createAflutter. I wasn't an easy client, I kept changing my mind and even lost my cool. But you guys were always patient. Thank you for being there. Thank you
for adding to my happiness. And thank you for making my special day even more special. Lots of love and best wishes. go girls!!!!
My fiancé found CreateAflutter and told me about it. In the beginning I was sceptical about it to say the least. As the process of brainstorming and design got under way I was floored. By not only the incredible outcome but more so the patience and plethora of amazing ideas Suneet came up with. 
Aa out vague ideas were turned to superd reality by Suneet we got more involved and pestered her endlessly about changes. She dealt with them all patiently and sweetly. 

The outcome is far beyond my expectations. And a guy saying that!!!! It means a lot. Our invite is offbeat and zany. It aha come to life that's to CreateAFlutter. 
If you want a regular invite you would wasting the talent available to you here
I got in touch with the Createaflutter team having a million ideas and research on how I wanted my wedding card to look like (basically in my bride-Zilla avatar), which for me excluded any of the ornate, golden-ish, over the top cards sent out during most Indian weddings. These girls were brilliant and helped me out each way, they were very patient and understood exactly what I was looking for, gave me awesome suggestions and delivered amazing cards! What I loved the most was how excited they both were themselves to execute this, as they had not delivered something similar before, shows their passion for their work :) They delivered great quality, within the timeline promised, I think one of them made sure she finished the creative before she went on her wedding leave. Even after a year and a half of my wedding, many people remember how pretty and unique our card was. Super talented team from Chandigarh, wish them all the best and great work ahead.
CreateAflutter makes me wonder how somebody can be so creative. My invitation was amazing. Thanks CreateAflutter. Best wishes
CreatAflutter has given the best results and made my son's and daughter's wedding a remarkable event. Their creative ideas, designs and results are beyond imagination and left everlasting impact on guests. I am grateful to them from the core of my heart and wish them all the best. Keep up the good job.

I have distributed most of my invitations and the response has been overwhelming. They love the card and have never seen anything like it. You did a great job with these invitations and particularly the gorgeous design. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing customer service, especially with my difficult hours. It is daunting to spend so much money and trust into ordering invitations without viewing a sample, and although I was picky about the printing, overall the invitations are absolutely beautiful... You deserve a glowing review for your design and service.
It looks really great and impressive. We love how classy and elegant the invite looks. The illustrations are the way we wanted and we loved how you have made the logistics details interesting by adding the images...We both really loved the invite. We really appreciate the quick turnaround time and going above and beyond and providing us with a video. It was easy to communicate the ideas and they got implemented the way we wanted. Our goal was to get something within 2 weeks and you guys did a great job and meeting that deadline as well. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone who are looking to create any kind of digital invite or need any design assistance. 
A few months ago, I was about to undergo a commitment as huge as marriage and I needed to deliver a “message” to my dear ones when sending out the invitations. A message that was crystal clear in my heart and mind, but one I had no idea how to translate into something tangible.
I was confused and frustrated. At that point, I needed a certain person with passionate commitment to ask me the right questions in order to understand my idea of my wedding invitation.
You Suneet, were that one person is what I realised after the very first conversation we had when I got in touch with Create a Flutter. I shared with you lots of thoughts and ideas but gave you no clarity to begin with, I´d imagine. However, you were extremely patient and persistent, always encouraging me to share with you my thoughts so that you could deduce what it was that I wanted.
Like any other artist, I believe you also had less time than ideas for what you could create for me, but you simply nailed the process of subtraction, organisation and emphasis and gave me an invitation that I fell in love with!
Words cannot explain how much your creation means to me, but I certainly am proud and content. I will be forever grateful to you Suneet, for giving me a beauty to always look at!
Thank you so much @createaflutter for designing my wedding card as I imagined. It couldn't have been better.It was so perfect. The best company to get your dream wedding cards.
As a young professional, your most important belonging is your business card. Had walked into createaflutter's office one day expecting an elegant and sophisticated business card for myself with a specific idea in mind to impress my clients. Suneet's creative mind could sketch down my firm's logo and the card exactly in the manner I wanted in very little time with ease. Ever since then I have not changed the design of my cards. And trust me during this span of 3 years each person who has received my card has complimented me for the same. To me, createaflutter is a crazily creative, professional and effecient design studio with clear understanding of its clients needs. Keep up the good work!!
Our invitation was supposed to be great, but it turned out to be “greater”. We loved it. Thanks for being a part of our journey
When I started looking for a custom wedding card designer, to my complete surprise there were hardly any that did the kind of work I wanted. Armed with a basic concept, I chanced upon CreateAFlutter and never looked back. I was apprehensive whether they would take on an existing concept and rework it to what I was looking for but as I spoke more and more to Suneet, I knew I'd found the perfect person. I loved every concept she shared with me and even though all our interaction was over the phone and email, she made me so comfortable and was so open to listening that it made no difference to have not met her. The final card is an absolute delight and my parents and fiance love it too! Thank you for making a special occasion more so!
I serendipitously found createAflutter, and we got along great! From the day I met Suneet & Bhavneet, I knew I was in good hands :) All other wedding planning aside, the invitation was my pet project - Suneet & Bhavneet always listened patiently, calmed the Bridezilla nerves, and executed my OCD ideas perfectly. I would more than recommend createAflutter to anyone looking for the coolest, brightest and most understanding designers ever! Here's to conquering the world!
When one talks about creativity, uniqueness, beauty, passion, imagination and innovation what comes to my mind is, createAflutter. I'm so lucky to have found them at the whispering willows exhibition because the minute I saw their work I knew it's gonna be not just a one time dealing with them. "Create a flutter" the name itself has the word create in it so how can u expect something everyday and regular and vanilla from them. I got my wedding cards designed from these amazingly talented girls and was amazed and super happy with the stuff they designed for my big day. As I did not want anything traditional but at the same time wanted a wedding feel and touch which I thought was a tough task and to my surprise they did that with great ease and confidence. Being thorough professionals and perfectionists is what I would call them and I really can't thank them enough for,"creating a flutter in my heart!!!
Createaflutter - The name alone is an indicator of how understatedly creative Suneet is. It was an aboslute pleasure going through the entire process . Suneet is creative, understands what one wants , has a great eye for detail and very particular. The perfect place to go if you have good taste and demand perfection
Thank you so much for the beautiful pieces that you've designed for me. My mom has already put the wall art in her room and I'm sure she's gonna cherish it always. My boyfriend almost had tears in his eyes because he loved the calendar that much. I always knew it was in the right hands and you assured it. Thank you so much, again. I'll look forward to seeing you again soon. All the best with everything!