Program details & wedding itinerary are an effective stationery element. They provide details & order of the ceremony and rituals that are a part of it. 
The use of these is very subjective to each client. Some want it to be a table top, some prefer a book style, some prefer a hand-fan and some want it to display as a sign on the entrance to their wedding.
We often come across cross cultural couples where one side is unfamiliar with religious or cultural influence and traditions. These couples are suggested to use ritual or ceremony detail booklets where they write out what the guests can expect or directions for certain parts of the ceremony. Lately the trend of including these in weddings has increased as we often hear couples saying this booklet is necessary to highlights the meaning & significance to guests who are even familiar with them but have forgotten the why and what of it.
Destination weddings require these information providers the most. Instead of repeating this for every guest, best place a copy of it in their rooms. At the studio we say - Fun itineraries make fun events!
Needless to say it should complement your wedding theme and let the personality of the couples be reflected in the most subtle ways. Have a look at these fan style program details with the flip side narrating fun facts about the couple.
Or let the guests have a constant reminder of what's up next by placing a board at the venue like the following.
Leave us a message here, to begin creating your wedding program details, itinerary & ritual booklets.
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